Our Mission

Are you puzzled why your church is not growing? It’s probably not your preaching and teaching, nor your commitment to evangelism, nor even your relational skills holding you back.

There are two basic components that God uses to cause a church to grow:

  1. Establishing a culture of spiritual transformation.

  2. Increasing the capacity of its systems so it can retain more disciples.

We want to equip you and your church to do these things.

We have developed the tools necessary to help pastors and churches grow healthy and grow in size if you are willing to learn. These tools  rest deeply on biblical truth and are practical as any tool you could buy at Home Depot.

Here is what you can expect from this site:

  • Help for you as a pastor to become emotionally and spiritually healthy, exposing you to a transformational pathway that you may have never learned before. This will equip you to lead your church to become healthy spiritually as well. For some of you it may be an opportunity to gain the language you need to simply explain what you already have experienced in your life.
  • An explanation of why people get stuck on their faith journey and how pursuing intimacy with God will help them to move forward again, preventing the future “crash and burn” in believers’ personal lives and reducing your counseling load. Free tools and materials are here for you to download and use.
  • Clarity on how this is a central truth of the gospel and to the development of a healthy church.
  • Step by step directions on how create a transformational culture in your church where people are expected to mature and actually do. This culture is the groundwork for the rest of the training in this process.
  • The simple nuts and bolts for building the eighteen church systems that all churches already have. You will not only be able to put together the right systems for your church, you will also be able to reshape these systems so that your church can increase its capacity to make and retain new disciples.
  • Learn how this process will change your church culture from too few volunteers to active co-workers for the sake of the kingdom.

We have made it simple and affordable to learn the tools to lead your church in transformation and systems. You will find help here regardless of your education, experience or church size.

Dr. Steve Smith, Founder

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