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What if there was a way to enlarge the front door of your church and close the back…

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What if there was a way to enlarge the front door of your church and close the back door at the same time? This introduction to the concept of church systems will show you the way. Pastors and church leaders who are finally convinced that they need more than a hotter worship band, a better marketing plan or more exciting programs will discover the real nuts and bolts of church systems which can make the difference between growing healthily and not growing at all. Are you leading an attractional model church? A theologically driven model church? A traditional model church? Not sure? No approach works any better than any other model without systems! Regardless of style, size, denomination or age, your church has the same eighteen systems that every other church has. Learn what those systems are and how to use them to grow the church that glorifies God and brings increasing numbers into His Kingdom. Dr. Steve Smith puts the cookies on the shelf where you can reach them. He speaks to leaders of all size churches and gives practical help without fluff or wordiness. This book is packed with penetrating wisdom, thought-provoking questions and useful material for hard-working pastors and leaders. You will gain real hope for renewing your church. Includes an in-depth system evaluation tool to help you discover where you need to focus your attention in your own church in order to fix what’s broken or build what’s needed. Dr. Steve Smith will also point you to the next steps you need to take.


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