Triage for the Stuck Church


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Are you looking for a simple but penetrating way to see what is at the root of your church being stuck? This print version of our triage evaluation tool is easy to use and gets at the main issues that every leader of a stuck church needs to know. Triage is a term military doctors use to denote their rapid analysis of those wounded in battle, looking at certain critical signs to appraise the level of care each soldier needs in order to save as many as they can. Triage for the Stuck Church rapidly analyzes the five essential systems—spiritual life, vision, evangelizing, discipling and leadership training— that are the life indicators of a congregation. It will give you a picture of how healthy these systems are and help you to determine your next steps.

Churches get stuck for a number of reasons:

  • They stop seeing the lost—STUCK.
  • They invest in great programs that change nothing about their gospel impact on the community—STUCK.
  • They lose the urgency of the mission and become inwardly-focused—STUCK.
  • They retreat to preserving the past and remember the glory years—STUCK.
  • They seem to be on a never-ending plateau of nongrowth—STUCK.

This book includes a bonus chapter. You may finish the evaluation and find that your church’s system markers are pretty healthy. The bonus chapter helps you to explore why—although it is healthy—your congregation still has not grown significantly.

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