Church Systems



If you travel, you will eventually need a bridge. At some point, you will cross over a creek, a river, a railroad track, a gully or a major waterway. Perhaps you will pass over other roads that cannot merge together.  You will notice that though there are all kinds of bridges out there, many do not look alike. It depends on where they are and for what they are needed. Yet they all have the same function—to bridge the divide so that trains, trucks, cars, people or animals can get from one side to the other.

Church systems are like that. There is no only one ‘right’ way to build a bridge—or a church system. All churches have the same 18 systems. But the systems of one church often do not look exactly like the systems of other churches. Systems must fit the vision of each church and fit with how and to whom that church is doing ministry. For example, a church in the inner city, a second one in a rich suburb and a third rural congregation can all have an effective Evangelizing System where people regularly confess Jesus. But each may have an approach to evangelizing that appears differently from the others. One might go door to door witnessing to people, one might use its Sunday gathering service to preach evangelistic messages and the third may use special events to challenge people to cross the line of faith. To use the bridge imagery, one may use a foot bridge, the next a lift bridge and the third a covered bridge. But each is accomplishing the same function.

Sometimes a system, like a bridge, can be broken. Maybe the systems you are depending on are not complete, lack a component or two, or have been neglected to the point of collapse. We can help you rebuild.

What kind of ‘bridge’ does your church need? Whether planting a new congregation or leading an established church, all systems build on the vision God has given you for the community around you. Your systems may not look exactly like those of other churches. But if your systems are getting people from one side to the other side—that is what really matters. If they are not functioning, Church Equippers can coach you to build the systems that will work for your church setting. We won’t give you ready-built cookie cutter systems. Instead we will give you complete instructions to build your own systems, custom-designed and made to fit your church.


The 18 Church Systems

Church Systems Matrix

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Seeing the lost people that God has sent you to reach with the gospel and developing your strategy to do that.

Healthy Outcome: We are united and moving forward towards accomplishing a common Kingdom purpose. 


Partnering with and empowering the people that God has sent to accomplish the vision strategy together.

Healthy Outcome: A growing group of spirit-filled, wise leaders are guiding all aspects of our mission.


Creating the processes that allow good decisions to be made in a timely and accountable manner.

Healthy Outcome: Attenders feel that all decisions made are appropriate, clear and are implemented with proper authority.


Developing the right approach that allows your church to be effective in sowing the gospel in the community.

Healthy Outcome: All attenders are regularly witnessing to others, resulting in consistent conversion growth in the church.


Mapping out the process of how new believers grow in grace until they are mature and able to teach others how to obey everything Jesus taught us.

Healthy Outcome: New disciples are growing into co-workers in the Kingdom.


How leaders will pray, plan and execute the weekly gathering of the congregation so that all worship and learn from God weekly.

Healthy Outcome: Your church family comes together with an expectation that all are in God’s presence and are growing in love, community and passion.


Moving visitors from the gathering into the core congregation by connecting them to deeper relationships through the Growth Systems.

Healthy Outcome: New attenders regularly join the community life of the congregation.


Designing a pathway for new leaders to be trained and deployed into ministry.

Healthy Outcome: Future leaders are continually being identified and prepared to lead.


Two prong system that allows the church to navigate the legal responsibilities of handling money and guiding the congregation toward generosity in giving.

Healthy Outcome: All income is handled with integrity and used appropriately for the advancement of the Kingdom.


Developing a plan to utilize your gathering place effectively and to be prepared for growth.

Healthy Outcome: We maximize our facilities so that we use them to the fullest for the Kingdom all week long.


Creating a team of people who care for the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of the people in the congregation.

Healthy Outcome: All attenders know they are personally cared for and are consistently growing in their faith.


Addressing how the congregation develops a deepening awe of God and together grows in their walk with Him.

Healthy Outcome: All attenders demonstrate passion for God and His Kingdom.


How and when your church teaches doctrine and biblical knowledge.

Healthy Outcome: Attenders are becoming measurably more knowledgeable of God and the Word.


Process by which people hear what is planned and give feedback to those who lead.

Healthy Outcome: Attenders are supportive of our leaders because they know what is going on and what is decided.


Connecting more deeply with our surrounding community and influencing people who are not part of the congregation.

Healthy Outcome: The people of our community know we are here and benefit from our ministry to them.


Developing a structure of small gatherings of our people that regularly meet together to care, study, pray and be on mission together.

Healthy Outcome: All attenders are part of a small group.


Forming a process where believers are recruited, trained, resourced, celebrated and retained in their roles, according to their passion and gifts, as ministers in the kingdom.

Healthy Outcome: All attenders are finding a place in a healthy ministry through your church.


Planning how our church will go about its role to fulfill Jesus’ Acts 1:8 mission of proclaiming the gospel locally, regionally and worldwide.

Healthy Outcome: Our church is demonstratively involved in all phases of the mission of the church, as given by Jesus in Acts 1:8.

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