Transformational Discipleship Downloadables

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Hurt of the Heart Inventory - FREE

To help you uncover with God the wounds you have hidden within that are affecting your choices to comfort yourself - many times choices that are destructive to you and others.

Inventario de las Heridas del Corazón - GRATIS

Para ayudarte a descubrir con Dios las heridas que has escondido dentro de ti, están afectando tus opciones para consolarte a ti mismo - muchas veces opciones que son destructivas para ti y para los demás.

Deadly Sin Inventory - FREE

To identify the internal motivational sins that lead to addictive behaviors in your life.

Inventario del Decado Capital - GRATIS

Identificar los pecados motivacionales internos que conducen a comportamientos adictivos en su vida.

Symptoms Discovery Inventory - FREE

A personal discovery process to identify what behaviors you exhibit that do not line up with the character of Jesus.

Inventario de Descubrimiento de Síntomas - GRATIS

Un proceso de descubrimiento personal para identificar qué comportamientos exhiben que no se alinean con el carácter de Jesús.

Church Systems Downloadables

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Triage for the Stuck Church - FREE
  • Free ebook for church leaders.
  • Evaluate your church's 5 crucial systems.
Systems Evaluation Tool - FREE
  • For church leaders going through The Increasing Church Capacity Guidebook.
  • Indepth evaluation of all 18 church systems.

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