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Our churches are stuck.

What do we need to do to get unstuck? 

Teachers give great information that often gets left in pastor’s notebooks.

Consultants are expensive and won’t lead to catalytic change.

…And systems without the Spirit aren’t going to change your churches.

You need an organic, time-tested method to revitalize your churches.

Our Programs

Practical programs to equip small churches to make and retain more disciples.

Church Gamechanger

Church not seeing conversion growth, clear direction or focus? START HERE. We created this program to offer the best and most impactful tools for small church pastors so that you can start seeing real changes in your church and in your network of churches.

Increasing Church Capacity

Struggling to make and retain healthy disciples? If so you need to learn about church ministry systems. It is God who grows your church but it is our responsibility to be wise, which for many small church pastors involves learning what they don’t already know.

The 18 Healthy Church Systems increase a church’s capacity to make and retain more disciples. After all, “what got you here won’t get you there.”

CLICK HERE for info on the Triage for Stuck Churches evaluation.

The Key to Deep Change

Addressing past hurts can be hard for everyone and a pastor’s limited time for counseling only adds another barrier to growth. We address this through group intensive discipleship for every believer and every leadership team.

The Heart Chart is a unique approach that not only addresses past hurts along with sin but also empowers communities to help each other.

A Message from Dr. Steve Smith

“We want to equip you, your church, and your church network to do great things.

We have developed the tools necessary to help pastors, churches, and associations of churches to grow healthy and to grow in size if you are willing to learn. These practical tools rest deeply on biblical truth.

We have made it simple and affordable to learn the tools to lead your church in transformation and developing ministry systems. You will find help here regardless of your education, experience or church size.”

-Dr. Steve Smith, Founder

What ministry leaders are saying:

We grew from 30 when we started the church to over 500 in about 4 years… You will not regret it.

Pastor Mike Harrell

Sr. Pastor, Fuel Church

I have baptized more people this year than in the previous eight.

Pastor Roger Hackenburg

Sr. Pastor, Hope Community Fellowship

Unfinished Business moved us beyond talking about sin & woundedness to actually helping people.

Pastor Gregg Heinsch

Sr. Pastor, Celebration Community Church

I have experienced the transforming power of God as a result of Unfinished Business training.

Pastor Sammy Ortiz

Sr. Pastor, Restoration Church

This is life transforming. I’m going to teach the socks off this thing…

…weekly attendance has increased by 25 percent with an average conversion rate of at least three to five new disciples per month.

Dr. Phil Phillips

Sr. Pastor, Agape Christian Fellowship

It’s not like anything I’ve ever been through before.

Pastor John Wright

Sr. Pastor, Crosswalk Church

What makes our solutions unique

It’s good to deal with the ministry parts of church health but if you want to see real growth you have to look at the spiritual health of your church.

Watch this video to learn how the Heart Chart, a biblically based diagnostic tool, can help you understand how Jesus can bring transformation to you and your church.

Spiritual Foundation

These 5 systems are a common bottleneck to church growth. See how you’re doing and where you should go from here.

Redefine Vision

In 20 minutes you can finally see what’s frustrating you and holding your church back.

Multiply Shepherds

You have the option to learn all about church ministry systems or you have the option to get expert help to streamline your church system transformation.

4 Church Gamechangers

What if there was a key to suddenly unleash the disciple making capacity of your church?

Well, here’s 4 of them!

We’ve made 4 videos available to you at no cost to help you make and retain more disciples.