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There’s hope for stuck and dying churches.

If you’re a denominational or church network leader, we know how hard your job can be. Our founder, Dr. Steve Smith, has 38 years of experience as a pastor and regional church overseer.

We know the challenges that you face.

We want to see your churches thrive and we have developed a complete revitalization process to transform your churches.


Welcome Gift: A Free Book

We’d like to give you a copy of our new book, Church Gamechanger, to introduce you to a different and effective way to guide pastors in revitalization.

What’s included in the Church Gamechanger Program?


Church Revitalization

We offer a comprehensive revitalization approach that is both biblically driven and reproducible for the churches in your network.

Revitalization Coach Certification

We provide training for healthy church pastors in YOUR network to coach fellow pastors whose churches need revitalization.

Pastor & Church Assessments

We developed easy to use assessments to help the revitalization coach  get to the heart of why a church is stuck.

Church Systems Books & Training

We have produced books and other tools for pastors and their leaders to know not only what to do, but how to do it.


Integrated Spiritual Transformation

We show you how to help congregations deal with their broken spiritual past which is being used by the enemy to destroy the spiritual life of their church body.

Ongoing Support

We have separate portals accessible for coaches, pastors, and their implementers which contain free downloadable tools and videos to guide them in their revitalization process.

Get Your Free Book

Church GameChangers sets out five essential changes that are a must for revitalization, doable for any church pastor, plus guidance on how you can evaluate what needs addressing and how the pastor can become the person church leaders follow. We would love to send you a complimentary copy.

A Better Model for Revitalization

There are two basic models currently available for helping pastors in revitalization – Teaching and Consulting. They are useful for a number of pastors, but many smaller churches cannot afford them. Their pastors need help that your network can provide. This better approach can change your game from overseeing churches in decline to working with healthy churches that will have a greater gospel impact on their communities.

WHITEPAPER: A Better Church Revitalization Approach

Get Your Free Welcome Gift

For denominational and church network leaders only