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Puzzled why your church is not growing? 

It’s probably not your preaching and teaching, not your commitment to evangelism, not even your relational skills holding you back.

There are two basic components that God uses to cause a church to grow:

Spiritual Transformation

Establishing a culture of spiritual transformation.

Church Ministry Systems

Increasing the capacity of its systems so it can make and retain more disciples.

We want to equip you and your church to do these things.

We have developed the tools necessary to help pastors and churches to grow healthy and grow in size if you are willing to learn. These tools  rest deeply on biblical truth and are practical as any tool you could buy at Home Depot.

We have made it simple and affordable to learn the tools to lead your church in transformation and systems. You will find help here regardless of your education, experience or church size.


Dr. Steve Smith, Founder

Our Founder

Learn more about the Founder of Church Equippers Ministries, Dr. Steve Smith.