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Welcome Coaches… and future Revitalization Coaches

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Church Revitalization

We offer a comprehensive revitalization approach that is both biblicaly driven and reproducible for the churches in your network.

Revitalization Coach Certification

 We provide  training for healthy church pastors in YOUR network to coach fellow pastors whose churches need revitalization.

Pastor & Church Assessments

We developed easy to use assessments to help the revitalization coach  get to the heart of why a church is stuck.

Church Systems Books & Training

We have produced books and other tools for pastors and their leaders so they will know not only what to do, but how to do it.


Integrated Spiritual Transformation

We show you how to help congregations deal with their broken spiritual past which is being used by the enemy to destroy the spiritual life of their church body.

Ongoing Support

We have separate portals accessible for coaches, pastors, and their implementers which contain free downloadable tools and videos to guide them in their revitalization process.

Become a Certified Church Revitalization Coach

Every pastor who wants to be used to revitalize a church needs a coach—someone who knows what they need to know and will guide them in that journey. Your willingness to be a coach will make an impact on the health and growth of other pastors and congregations. You will find the tools you need to do this kind of ministry here.

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