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Coaching Services


Contact Us to learn more about any of our custom coaching packages described below.

Revitalizing My Church: A practical step-by-step 18-month coaching process that guides the pastor and church leaders in addressing the root causes of why your church is stuck and changes that can be made that will prepare it to make and retain more disciples.

Building Effective Church Ministry Systems: A 12-month coaching process which explains how to build and implement the 18 church ministry systems. This simplified approach allows you to evaluate the health of your current systems, as well as find the people who will help build and run these systems. And 18-month coaching process is also available for those who want more training in this area.

Training to Coach Other Pastors in Revitalizing Their Churches: If you have been used by God to successfully lead your church to health, pay it forward by learning to coach other pastors to revitalize their churches. This 30 hour training course will not only equip you to do this, it will enlighten you about some changes you may want to implement in your own church.

Counseling in Personal Matters (Pastors Only): If you are struggling with issues that you find hard to share with others due to their personal nature, contact us here at Church Equippers for counseling. We offer a confidential 11-week intensive that will lead you to understand where these issues are coming from, and discover what and how to surrender them to God so you can be healed and freed.

Pastoral Search Guidance: This service is for churches that lack a denomination they can turn to for help in finding well qualified pastoral candidates. This 3-month process includes training for the search team, a filtering process to produce the best matches for you to consider, and follow up advice as you finish your search.


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