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Deadly Sin Inventory Intro

The purpose of this inventory is to help you discover what sin in me choices you have been using to comfort yourself. This is a personal inventory, so your truthfulness is a personal gift to yourself. No one but you and God need to know your answers, but you can allow them to be used by God to help you move towards freedom and wholeness. Allow at least an hour to take the inventory. Afterward, ask a spiritual mentor to work with you.

Before you begin this inventory, please get out a piece of paper and write down each of the 7 deadly sins (Anger, Envy, Gluttony, Greed, Lust, Pride, & Sloth) and write a number between 1 and 7 beside each of the Seven Deadly Sins. Seven (7) indicates which one you consider has the lowest influence over your life, while one (1) signifies the highest control over you. These numbers represent what you believe to be true of your sin in me issues before you take the inventory.


Anger   ________

Envy   ________

Gluttony   ________

Greed   ________

Lust   ________

Pride   ________

Sloth   ________


Remember that this is a behavioral inventory, based on what you do, not what you wish you did not do.

IMPORTANT: Please be sure to write down your results at the end of the inventory as they will not be saved online. This feature is for your security so that no one else can see your answers or results.

Take the Inventory