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Deep Change Guide Training

Do you…

  • Have an overwhelming counseling load?
  • Wish you didn’t have to do all the counseling in your congregation?
  • Feel inadequate to handle the issues people bring to you?
  • Wish you were more adequately trained to counsel?
  • Find that the approach to counseling you learned doesn’t seem to work?
  • Need competent trained lay counselors?
  • Want your church to do a more effective job in counseling people?
  • Find you can’t afford the time or money to get a counseling degree?

After using the Unfinished Business tools and transformational information to counsel people for a number of years, Jim Hinder and Steve Smith have developed a certificate training program called Deep Change Guide Training to teach a biblical way to counsel that can facilitate real change in people’s lives. It integrates the Unfinished Business process with effective spiritual counseling practices. Jim Hinder is a FACCT Pastoral Licensed Counselor who has an M.A. in Psychology from Liberty University. Steve Smith has been a pastoral counselor for over twenty years.

This is an intensive training process which will thoroughly prepare you to guide people toward the freedom and healing only Jesus can bring. This course is not a fast and easy jump into giving counsel. It requires serious reading as well as hands-on practice using our tools. It also requires allowing us to help you examine your own heart during the process.

Deep Change Guide Training is a master level course which includes over 100 hours of instruction over six months. It includes a one-week intensive that will require participation in a class environment in Lakeland, FL. All the other training will be conducted online.

Upon completion, participants will be ready to invest spiritually in the lives of their church family members through practical and life guidance, and also through discipling of young Christians, teaching them how to experience transformation by keeping in step with the Spirit.

We calculated our costs for offering this class, then cut it in half for our initial rollout because we want the training to fit tight budgets. We earnestly desire to see you and your church benefit from this kind of training process.

This training’s first intensive starts June 25-30, 2017. For more information and/or to register for this course, please send an email to [email protected].