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Key to Deep Change Leader’s Guide


This leader’s manual is for facilitating an 11-week group intensive. I’ve added essential material and detailed instruction to aid in leading the group.


  Based on and written to supplement The Key to Deep Change: Experiencing Spiritual Transformation by Facing Unfinished Business by Dr. Steve Smith.

This newly updated 11-week intensive discipleship study is for Christians who have started asking questions about why they are stuck on their faith journey–struggling to keep well-hidden sin under control, making damaging decisions, or falling back into destructive behavior.

This gives them the tools for understanding themselves and for discovering the power of grace through intimacy with God. By journeying with others in community, those using this guide will learn to deal with secrets that hold a destructive influence over their lives and also learn to encourage, rather than condemn people, who struggle with sin. The goal is to gain a deepening trust in God which will move us on towards being conformed to the likeness of Jesus.

  This Leader’s Guide contains the entire content from the Key to Deep Change Participant’s Guide: Discipleship Intensive plus preparation and guidance for leading each session.


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