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Thinking Systemically

Change how you see your church and discover the secret to increasing your church capacity.


As a pastor, you know that your church needs to have ministry systems that ensure biblical functions are being done regularly and consistently. But you may not know how to actually build the systems your church needs. Rather than just describe the systems, Church Equippers meets your needs by:

  1. Helping you to identify the person we call an ‘implementer’ who will partner with you to build the right ministry systems that fits your church’s vision and strategy.
  2. Offering you tools to train you in a step-by-step system building process, which allows you and your implementer to assemble the systems that will work for your church properly.

Our goal is to help you increase your capacity to make and retain more disciples.

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What do you mean by ‘increase your capacity’?

Pastors often want to know how to make and retain more disciples. Many churches struggle with having as big a back door as a front door. Why aren’t new people connecting? It could be because your church body has run out of ‘relationship slots’—personal connecting points that allow new people to feel wanted and needed in your congregation. If you have only 80 slots, the church will remain at this size until your change your ministry systems to allow the creation of more relationship slots.

This is what we call increasing church capacity. In training and coaching pastors and church leaders in systems, we teach them how to build or rebuild ministry systems to actually increase the church’s ability to make and retain more disciples.


Where to go for coaching?

Sometimes it just makes sense to get someone with experience to help you build ministry systems. If you need a systems coach, contact us by emailing [email protected].


What kind of training is needed?

A pastor or implementer can pick up The Increasing Church Capacity Guidebook and immediately begin to build ministry systems. But to get the most out of the guidebook, you need training in systemic thinking. Church Equippers provides the system training package with the guidebook to help you successfully build your systems. We also offer the Increasing Church Capacity Primer to introduce all your church leaders to systemic thinking so they will support the changes in ministry systems.


How do you know which ministry systems need help?

With eighteen ministry systems to build, it can be daunting to know where to begin. The best first step is to take the Triage for the Stuck Church Evaluation, which measures the health of your five critical systems—Spiritual Life, Vision, Evangelizing, Discipling and Leadership Training.

If you discover that any—or many—of these five systems are on life support, that is where you will need to start.