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Instead of just talking about the need for transformational culture in general terms, Dr. Steve Smith explains specifically how this is actually accomplished. He clarifies how leadership, discipleship, preaching, teaching, and counseling are brought into alignment in order to develop a transformational church culture. This alignment results in real change taking place in the quality of disciples produced.
Build Deep was written for church leaders who want to start at the right place to make better disciples – which is resting in what God has done for us in Christ. This is the foundation for all transformational discipleship. Disciples first need to be taught that they must keep in step with the Spirit.
This book uniquely contrasts transformational church culture with the pervasive ‘reformational’ church culture – expectations of godly obedience without training disciples to understand the practical purpose of the gospel or how to appropriate the sustaining power of the Spirit. Dr. Smith shows how and why transformational culture is built on this deep foundation.


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