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La Clave para un Cambio Profundo Guia de Estudio: Grupos Pequenos Guia del Lider


This leader’s manual is for small group study. He has added material for the leaders to lead the group.


If you are a person who wants to see people living in freedom and intimacy with God, this study is a tool that you will want to consider. Based on and written to complement The key to deep change: experiencing spiritual transformation when facing pending issues, by Dr. Steve Smith, this REVISED leader’s manual gives the 10-week study facilitator information to guide a group Christians who have begun asking questions about why they are stuck in their journey of faith, trying to keep sin well hidden under control, making damaging decisions or falling back into destructive behavior. You can use this study to give them a clear path and the tools to understand themselves and to discover the power of grace through intimacy with God. This guide takes all the material in the Participant’s Guide and inserts it by question with the concepts and the address you will need to look for in your discussion of the material. You can also help participants to walk with others in the community, learning to confess the secrets that dominate their lives and encourage, rather than condemn, people who struggle with sin. Included in this study is access to online personal inventory tools that participants will use. Each of the studies will gradually lead to detachment from the path of faith,


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