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Transformational Discipleship Process

Unfinished Business Seminar

Start your transformational journey by attending an Unfinished Business Seminar. Find one near you on our Events Page.

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Small Group Experience

Take part in a Key to Deep Change Small Group Experience. This allows you to experience transformational discipleship with the support and fellowship that only a group of fellow believers can provide.

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Advanced Tools and Training

Now that you've set out on your transformational journey, you can begin to help others. Get advanced tools or become a Master Trainer.

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Church Systems Process

Systems Training

Learn about the 18 Church Systems through in person or online training. Course includes the Increasing Church Capacity Guidebook.

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Personalized Coaching

Request a Church Systems Coach who will take you through the Church Systems Rapid Diagnostic and use the results to pin point the top systems at your church which need improvement.

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Comprehensive Systems Renovation

Once you've begun working on your most critical systems, continue to increase your church's capacity by taking it through a Comprehensive Systems Renovation.

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