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The Key to Deep Change


Get the tools to discover what’s going on inside and accelerate your spiritual journey!


  • Do you feel stuck on your faith journey?
  • Do you wonder why you cannot seem to get past certain behaviors that stunt your life?
  • Are you in the habit of camouflaging the real you from your friends at church because you know what they will think–and you think it too!
  • Do you wish the promises you have heard about God and you were real instead of slogans?
  • This book offers hope for you!


Everyone has unfinished business – unresolved emotional, mental and spiritual issues inside. Some unfinished business is ancient and its origin is forgotten.

Author Steve Smith guides you towards a pathway that allows them to identify the blows to your soul and the choices you made in response, causing you to remain stuck on your faith journey to being transformed into the likeness of Jesus. Learn the relationship between the hurt of your heart and sin in me choices. Begin to discover that you have been trying to fix what is wrong in you with the wrong tools.  Learn how to pursue deeper intimacy with God in a relationship where you will experience Him freeing you progressively from the habits that are destroying you.

Many Christian counseling books come at spiritual problems from either a sin viewpoint or a soul wound viewpoint. Dr. Steve Smith sees these two issues as interconnected and uses a biblical approach to thinking about and dealing with these issues. Although he teaches spiritual intimacy with God, Steve does not style himself as a mystic. He’s a biblical “nuts and bolts” kind of guy. His conversational, down-to-earth style of speaking and writing makes his concepts accessible to anyone no matter their level of education or experience. He also speaks and writes candidly about his own transformational journey.

For those Christians familiar with the transformation process in their own lives, he gives a language by which to explain that experience for the benefit of others.



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